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Cuddling a 'Miracle Drug'?

Cuddling does not only feel amazingly good, fuzzy and comforting, it also has been proven by science time and time again, that it is very healthy for us as well as makes us less grumpy. Whether you snuggle with your significant other, your dog, cat, friends or your Nude Therapy therapist, you are bound to receive benefits. One of them is it simply makes us happier as if lifts up our mood given the release of happy hormones oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine. Cuddling is naturally de-stressing, surpressing cortisol in the process in effect ideal immunity booster. Skin on skin physical touch even just holding hands lowers anxiety. Cuddling lowers blood pressure and helps us sleep. Snuggling creates healthier relationships, not only with the person one cuddles with but also it spreads beyond.

Next time you feel like you would like cuddle up and temporarily don't have a partner, we are here for you - skin on skin cuddling experience, all safe, charming and respectful as well as lightly sensual. Chose only cuddling or add to it Tantric body to body massage with therapeutic, relaxing and muscle rub elements.


MIC, Cuddling with your partner does something surprising to your health by Gina Vaynshteyn. Originally published in 11.14.2014.


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