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Benefits of Tantric Massage and Intuitive Touch

One of the best antidotes for stress is a deeply relaxing Tantric therapeutic massage alongside gentle togetherness cuddling therapy to ease physical tension and bring the mind and body into a balanced state. Unburdening your emotional, physical and spiritual weight promotes harmony, renewal of sense of self and a lasting positive effect.

With our Tantric massage every part of your body gets equal attention as every area is addressed as part of the whole. We also incorporate breathing techniques which increase positive physical effect as well as help with emotional healing.

Tantric massage includes an arousal experience although orgasm is not the main aim. Mind you, subtle touch and subtle strokes can create pleasing joy and pleasure in its own right as well as pleasure achieved from the relaxation of the muscle tissue.

Receiving and welcoming a wholesome pleasure experience can help with emotional fullfilment, sense of self-worth as well as a sense of self-worth. Surrendering, letting go of inhibitions and insecurities and letting yourself be gently and softly taken care of can help pave a way to a deeper self discovery as well as physical awareness.


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