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Aromatherapy in Tantric Massage

Mother nature has gifted us with some amazing aphrodisiacs and sensual oils which can help create an inviting , relaxing atmosphere enhance and stimulate arousal, help remove blockages and tease one's senses. Some of the best sensual oils are:

Rose - sensual alluring aroma which helps to create a loving, nurturing, peaceful and positive ambience, a lovely addition to your Tantric massage.

Ylang-Ylang - fruity, flowery rich aroma improving self esteem, reducing anxiety and depression, a few drops can enhance your quality Tantric massage with us.

Jasmin - warming, sweet smell, quality jasmine can be mildly euphoric, with a balancing benefit onto one's nervous system. Luxurious smell adding to a luxurious Tantric experience.

Other forms of Tantric room pleasant aroma additions are soy or vegetable oil derived non toxic sensual candles, incense, air steam diffusers, room mist, fresh flowers,


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