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Are Sensual Massage and Naturist Cuddling Legal?

Here at NT once in a blue moon we are asked the question - is Sensual/Tantric Massage or Naturist Cuddling Legal in England?

Here in England we are among a number of fortunate countries to have a “light approach” to consensual adult interaction such as sensual, erotic tantric massage and cuddling in bare skin.

The good news is that it’s fully legal if two (or more!) consenting adults over the age of 18 years old spend time together in this way.

Many clients of sensual massage therapists are hard-working gentlemen in the City of London and beyond who spend so much time in often stressful work environments.

These gentlemen are often in need of down time to de-stress as well as reset their physical, mental and spiritual needs.

They seek high standards of service that are discreet, confidential and private. Comfortable relaxing space with positive, non judgemental female energy is key to a successful session where they are looked after and can forget about time for a moment.

Sensual massage therapists are just like other massage therapists but who are very comfortable being nude and who enjoy providing a special experience with finesse where intimate touch is considered to be the beautiful thing it is.

Furthermore our therapists, operating at their discreet locations, freely and happily enjoy providing nurturing and caring massage. They are driven by a desire to work with our respectful clients on mind body and soul alignment. Truly caring. Truly nurturing. Truly sensual

There has always existed and will always exist an innate need for intimacy which should never be suppressed. Sensual and Tantric massages may be a hidden and discreet part of society nevertheless it is legitimate work providing much needed stress release and ultimate relaxation.

For ease we accept card payments (with a very discreet reference) or cash, which-ever suits best our clientele.

Here at NT we adhere to the laws of the land and our therapists pay their taxes.

Just perfect. What more needs to be said!

Brightest most positive hugs 🤗

NTLondon 🌺


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