Naked Centre of Gravity

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Increasingly more and more women and men are starting to see the importance of good inner muscles.

If you have never seen nude vagina weight lifting in action it’s a fun way to see what our inner muscles are capable of! Keeping these muscles fit helps women keep their vagina nice and tight for enhanced sexual pleasure, prevents incontinence or uterine prolapse and for men pelvic floor muscle exercises help support the prostate, bladder and bowel, and positively affects sexual functions. 

Join in and participate by adding weights to see how strong our vaginas are!

Grace, our virtual concierge, is also a big enthusiast of pelvic floor ‘invisible’ exercise and believes in the amazing benefits of vaginal weight exercise. She first learned about the importance of pelvic floor while living in Miami, Florida where she came across pelvic floor vaginal weight lifting classes out in the open, with the view of the sea. Her first class was full of fun and inspiration and she has carried out her exercises happily till this day – be it while travelling, reading a book, in the cinema or anywhere she can she does her invisible exercise. Occasionally Grace can be found on Brighton beach quietly doing her vaginal weight lifting, much to the surprise and curiosity of the English beach goers.   

As much as Grace is mostly an introvert, she has been working on creating a video where she demonstrates how we do our ‘centre of gravity’ tidbit incorporated during a longer Nude Therapy session. This video is coming up in the spring 2022 so stay tuned! :) 



when doing Kegel exercise akin to Jade Egg exercise women do: 

Better support for your organs  

Can improve sexual function such as stronger erection, ejaculations and orgasm. Also potentially prevents/helps with premature ejaculation  

Can help incontinence by improving bladder and bowel control  

Increases confidence  

Improves recovery after prostate surgery  



working with Jade eggs and reasonable weights: 

Can improve vaginal tightness, sexual sensations and orgasm potential   

Can increase bladder and bowel control  

Can reduced risk of a prolapse  

Faster recovery from childbirth   

Increased confidence