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Finding Inspiration through Touch, Massage and a Hug 


We are born bare. In a Birth-Day-Suit as it is known in some countries. Practicing cuddle therapy skin on skin can help to increase body positivity, embracing oneself and one’s body image in the process. We aim to bring a new colourful experience to your life whilst gently together in our birthday suits. For the ultimate benefit combine your cuddling session with a lovely and relaxing  Sensual Tantric Massage, healing Tantric MassageTantric Edging Massage PE Therapy, Holistic Extras or any other modality from our Therapist offerings. . 

Meet your Masseuse

Loving massage. Good mood. Lovely day.

Why Nude Therapy?

We believe touch has the power to communicate without even using words. Subliminal sense of caring, connection and all forms of subtleties of touch can be perceived be it consciously or subconsciously and transmitting a pleasantness and depth of touch. Massage and its various types including Sensual and Tantric modalities can help tackle anxiety, relieve stress, low self esteem, loneliness and just embrace the nude self.


The challenge of PE that many men have in their lives they often find hard to tackle. Combining PE therapeutic 'Edging' massage with or without cuddling, specialised breath work, mind over body mindset and together with sensual therapeutic massage can all be beneficial on the path to overcoming PE. One step at a time. 

All of our NT therapists have been carefully selected to provide the best designed session for your utmost comfort, relaxation and sensuous tactile experience. With safety and discreetness always in mind.

Seeking something not listed on our massage offering? Please message us with your thoughts and we might be able to customise a nice, relaxing session for you. 

Have a wonderful session with one of our friendly, feminine and warm Central London therapists of your liking.

With Caring Hugs and Wishes

 NTLondon 🌺

Our Clients

We have the pleasure to welcome various touch explorers and seekers from diverse backgrounds, cultures , experiences and countries who come for a session to us.  We are able to adapt to any respectful seeker of our touch-based alternative therapy and lovingly listen, embrace with, snuggle, laugh and connect with. 

The clientele we have the privilege to receive are:

  • Hugs and Cuddle Seekers

Hugs and cuddles are mutually both given and received. The only form of therapy where you cannot receive without giving.

  •  Clients with Need of PE Support and Encouragement

We are openly offering a widely acknowledged form of PE THERAPY - made by hand.

  • Seekers of Extended Companionship 

Our therapists are very friendly, well educated, cultured, with excellent English and positive energy for life. They enjoy being a relaxing company to our clientele who come to London in search of business of leisure. View our


  •  In a Relationship but Lacking Sparkle

Meeting the essential human need of closeness and touch without worry or regret within safe boundaries always.

  •  Seekers of Unique Alternative Therapies

We are the first to offer alternative form of non traditional cuddle therapy.

We offer our unique and alternative 


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