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Awaken your Kundalini energy with our Orgasmic Energy ‘Mind and Body’ Massage 



With this massage technique we aim to achieve the energy release at a wholly different level.


We apply Holistic Energy Healing Therapy to clear and balance the body’s life-force energy field and chakras. This is an intuitive session  where a powerful sensual energy connection is made between us alllowing the energy release to be experienced at new heights.



We use different techniques and approaches and depending on your level of awareness and openess as we dive deeper into the energy centres for stronger more powerful release.often leading to  a state where it is possible to achieve multi orgasmic release.



A focus on breath work intensifies the experience and best results are achieved in our longer tantric sessions and more profundly in our dark tantra sessions which include elements of erotica tantalising the senses whilst phyisically restrained. Bring healing to your body and mind by exploring your dark side. Kundalini breathing for those who dare exposes one to new levels of excitement. Would like to experience pain and pleasure on a different level? Raising the Kundalini energy assists the body’s natural orgasmic inner healing process. 

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