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Naturist Cuddling Therapy

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Power of Touch
Skin on Skin Cuddle Therapy & Sensual Massage.

Our unique experience of therapeutic, intimate, and cozy body on body alternative
CUDDLING THERAPY together with SENSUAL MASSAGE combines to soothe and relax both your mind and body. 
If you would like to have an intimate, sensuous session, we welcome you to our dedicated, positive, relaxing, and private space in Marylebone or near the Shard. We can as well visit you in your private residence or hotel in Central London.

To view our friendly, delicate and experienced female Cuddle Therapists, skilled in the Art of Touch, 

view our GALLERY here

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Reward yourself with some "me" time as you enjoy our alternative therapeutic a skin on skin cuddle, unwind, relax, destress and enjoy the wonderful experience of joyful and gentle togetherness of all your senses.

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Our wish is for you to relax, be looked after, comforted, nurtured, gently squeezed and receive skin on skin sensuous touch, embracing yourself and loving your body just as it is. Acceptance of oneself helps to bring peace and happiness.


We are hardwired for human touch - take care of yourself by selecting treatments from our Nude Therapy main flavours - therapeutic naturist hugs and cuddles combined with a delicately crafted Sensuous Massage. 

Experience a unique approach to nudity, with therapeutic, relaxing, tantalising massage, sensory-focus, gentle caring sensuality, and bountiful joy.  

"nudism... is itself
a form of therapy."

- Abraham Maslow

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Our Cuddle Massage Therapy:
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Cuddling Therapy

Our therapeutic, soothing, relaxing, skin on skin, (or in beautiful lingerie) cuddling nourishing your whole sense of self. Cuddles for your soul, wellbeing and increased inner happiness. 
If you would prefer two cuddle therapists for your session, we have a wonderful "Cuddle Duo" option for you where you can enjoy being cuddled from both sides. 
Our intimate yet platonic bare cuddling, snuggling, holding and embracing has so many health and mind benefits worth your attention, please read more here.
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Sensual Massage

We perform a fusion of  Eastern Tantra and Western Tantra or NeoTantra - full body massage, naked (or in beautiful lingerie), slow paced strokes, therapeutic, relaxing in nature, as well as sensual with the option of body-to-body sliding.  We use only quality natural heated oils with vitamin E which has high antioxidant properties, for the best skin benefit. We apply alternating pressures from soft feathery touch to deeper pressure both for your tensed muscles and mind. 
There are multiple benefits of Sensual Massage you can read more about here. 
Image by Ana-Maria Berbec

"Touch is the first language we speak"

  Stephen Gaskin



For Bookings and Inquiries please contact our friendly  Grace




  +44(0) 7494 727676    

(WA, SMS, Call)

You can visit us discreetly in MARYLEBONE or near the SHARD or we can VISIT YOU discreetly dressed in your private residence or hotel in Central London, UK.

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