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If you would like to arrange any of our wonderful sessions to experience a relaxing, therapeutic, sensuous session please either WA, text, email, call us or fill the form below.


We manage all bookings and enquiries in a discreet fashion and fully respect your privacy. Any convenient mode of communication preferred by you is most welcome though please note we don't respond to 'No Caller ID'.

If you are unsure about what type of session would be best for you or you have any queries or special requests (apart from escort service and oral service which we DO NOT provide) we can possibly help with please do ask freely. We understand we are all different and we always strive our best to tailor sessions to different explorative needs or wishes. 

It is our hope and aim that we provide you with what you need be it relaxation, stress and tension relief, getting more into your body instead of being constantly in your mind, human touch and embrace or even a wish to experience something you have been missing or a completely new experience you think you would like.

Your inquiry and booking will be managed by our virtual concierge Grace.

WhatsApp, Text message, Call on:



London Bridge

~ 3 min from London Bridge Station hub.


~  5 min from Bond Station. 


~ 2 min from the Harrods

Liverpool Street

~ 5 min from Liverpool Street station

Canary Wharf

~ 10min from Canary Wharf station

Opening Hours

Mon - Sun

~ 11am ~ 10pm 

Please Use This Form For Your Booking, Question or Sharing Your Experience.

Thank you!

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