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Removing our clothing, and the façade we often hide behind, can bring about more freedom of thought and expression. Being nude in the company of others can force us to be more honest about ourselves and who we are. We believe nudity is natural and nudity can have a healing effect to bring about improved inner confidence.  

We are born naked. In a Birth-Day-Suit as it is known in some countries. Practicing nude therapy can increase raw body awareness and positivity, embracing one self and one’s body image in the process. We aim to bring a new colourful experience to your life while we are in our birthday suits. Our intriguing exploration of nudity has no promises, only what you want from it yourself. Look at yourself from a different perspective and bring about bare creative solutions for yourself.  

“nudism…is itself  

a form of therapy.” 

-Abraham Maslow 

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Let yourself experience a unique form of a relaxation therapy.  

Touch - soothing, comforting, skin on skin, nude (or in beautiful lingerie), always safe.  Touch is our first sense of awareness, a powerful, reassuring healing modality and a powerful means of communication.  Even though nude cuddling is safe, if you prefer your therapist can remain in a lovely underwear.   

Reward yourself with some "me" time with sensuous, caring and warm relaxation, all part of gentle togetherness cuddling where you are throughout expertly guided by your therapist to experience various cuddle positions. Practice makes perfect and if you would like to lovingly and respectfully help your therapist out of her teddy lingerie, you are most welcome. 

Nude cuddling is gentle and all times with respectful boundaries in place.  

As we are hard wired for human touch, being held, gently squeezed, embraced, nurtured and cuddled feels so fuzzy, warm and revitalising, unlike anything else.  

There are a minimum of fifteen different horizontal cuddle positions and depending on the length of your session you can experience various numbers of these.  

You can also try the amazing “cuddle sandwich” option where you are cuddled by two gentle therapists and are, in essence, the main substance of it.

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A velvet sensual as well as therapeutic, caring, nurturing, loving massage for all your senses, inspired by several Tantric masters of both the East and the West.  

Sophisticated balance and stimulation alongside soothing, carefully chosen, collection of music, dimmed lights, hot (non-fragrant) oil full of vitamin E and the perfect application of pressure, stress relief deep body work, various massage technique including Swedish and Hawaiian, body to body massage, reaching under massage, signature CuddleMassage, breath.

Experience this wonderful therapeutic massage for relief of physical and emotional pain and discomfort and enjoy sensual pleasure in the process. Let stress sail away and your mind and body break free.   

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You might have thought there is not much more to touch than you have already experienced. We show you a unique way to feel this sensual awakening touch or in other words, a form of a silky micro touch.  

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Do you enjoy a little nude surprise element? Let us help you focus on your tactile sensations and experience a level of sensuality you might never have experienced before. Carefully selected items bring pleasurable sensuality for you to experience. Something fresh, delicate and different.  

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Allow to see and be seen in this short but deeply connecting and potent ancient practice tweaked the naked way. As much as many of us might have been told not to stare, this millennia old practice has been an integral part of Tantric, Buddhist, Sufi and Hindu traditions, bringing with it innumerable benefits to its practitioners. In these traditions, eyes have been considered the windows or getaway into the soul. Maintaining eye contact, or eye gazing, would become a type of a meditation with the main aim of a deep connection and intimacy with one-self and another, opening one’s heart, expanding awareness, letting go of fear, breaking down barriers while increasing love and kindness. 



Become more bendy with our naturist tantra light hearted duo or trio yoga. It is a shared experience of doing yoga differently, creating connection and interaction, while improving body confidence in the process. Naturist couple's or trio yoga is more fun than individual yoga as alongside good stretch, it can bring about healthy laughter as an endorphins side effect, keeping both our minds and bodies young and potent, preparing ourselves to show up for life’s many adventures. Let yourself enjoy this light, connective and grounding nude workout. 

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Bringing awareness to both the female and male pelvic floor muscles which have been neglected for too long!  

Increasingly more and more women and men are starting to see the importance of good inner muscles. If you have never seen nude vagina weight lifting in action it’s a fun way to see what our inner muscles are capable of! Keeping these muscles fit helps women keep their vagina nice and tight for an enhanced sexual pleasure, prevents incontinence or uterine prolapse and for men pelvic floor muscle exercises help support the prostate, bladder and bowel, and positively affect sexual functions. 

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Included in every session (but optional if not desired) is a wonderful compelling and delicate massage of man’s private parts which can be both soothing and relaxing as well as exciting and sensuous. Feel the stream of your sexual energy flowing in every part of your body. Depending on the length of your session, we can use up to 23 of different massage techniques inspired by the wonderful German intimacy coach Yella Cremer. This should be on every man’s bucket list to try this intricately delicate lingam massage! 

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Yoni, the Sanskrit word for vagina, translates to “a sacred space.” Using various techniques for the full-of-sensations-yoni, moving from gentle, tension releasing outer yoni area towards the inner area using sensitivity, intuition and the right pressure. Using circling motions and cupping the massaging brings about palpitating experience, letting go fully in the process, releasing tension both in mind and body. Yoni massage can be a tool to explore woman’s innate sexual mojo. Various massage techniques inspired by the wonderful German intimacy coach Yella Cremer. 

Image by Andrey Stakhovskiy

Whom Nude Therapy London Might Be Ideal For: 

Seekers of unique experiences  

Seekers of inspirational experience


Anyone who would like to increase their own body positivity 


Shy men/women  


Virgin men/women 


Men with premature ejaculation 


Men /women with low libido 


Men with erectile dysfunction  


 Anyone too nervous, serious or stressed about human closeness. 


Anyone who would like to improve their art of cuddling, hugging and embracing