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Removing our clothing can bring about more freedom of thought and expression

Welcome to our sanctuary of holistic sensual arts and authentic tantric massage, where every touch is a journey of self-discovery, comfort and blissful, harmonious relaxation. Let us nourish your body, mind and spirit and leave behind all that does not serve you any more. Breathe in with us serenity and breath out anything that no longer serves you.

Experience the transformative power of our authentic Tantric massage (minimum 1.5hr session) which you can enrich with Tantric connecting rituals including Tantric Yab Yum traditional pose or White Tantra Eye Gazing. 

Feel safe, held and nourished in our healing Cuddle Massage session experience where you are invited to surrender to a gentle embrace of human touch where every caress and hug is supporting your sensation transcendence. Profoundly intimate yet still with boundaries in place at all times, making this safe yet intimately soothing and grounding experience. 

Experience warm water assisted Bath or Shower Ritual with infinite essential oils gentle bubbles and lather and embrace the inviting cocoon of tranquility which washes away tension and simultaneously deepening your relaxation.

Delve into the art of arousal as our Tantric or Sensual Masseuse guides you to the brink of ecstasy and back again, repeatedly, leaving you breathless and yearning for more. 

Discover the unique sensation of our milking table massage (London Bridge location), an adventurous experience that combines sensual, full body massage, erotic suspense dual touch with unparalleled comfort, leaving you feeling exhilarated and able to tick off Milking Table Massage from your Bucket List.


Please explore our full range of tender sessions on our Massages page.  We are friendly, feminine Tantric and SensualTherapists, located in London (Mayfair/Marylebone, Canary Wharf, Liverpool Street, Knightsbridge, London Bridge and Outcalls in Central London's 4/5* hotels) offering you uniquely tailored sessions inspired by genuine Tantric practices and the Magic of Sensuality.


We personalise each session for our session seekers so that this creates wide smiles, happy hearts and enlightened bodies.

Our Tantric and Sensual Masseuses

Our Tantrikas and Sensualist therapist will hold a space for you to feel at ease, cared for and immerse yourself in the moment.

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Our Massage Selection

Combine harmoniously our massage offerings.

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 WA/Text/Call Us on +44 7494 727676 to Arrange a Session

legs cuddling with each other

When we are naturally nude, experiencing a skin on skin contact, it can have a healing comforting effect with an improved inner confidence

From Our Experience, Nude Therapy London Is Sought by and Most Ideal For: 

~ Anyone who would like to address intimacy anxiety in a safe, positive space

Tackle your intimacy matter in a non judgmental, caring, genuine environment



~ Seekers of unique experiences  

We offer something fresh, not found anywhere else


~ Seekers of new sensual experiences

Experience skin on skin cuddling like never before

~ Couples 

We provide a comfortable, safe space for couples to experience massage together 

(London Bridge only)


~ Pornography addicts 

Press the reset button and experience real life intimate expression of touch



~ Anyone who would like to improve their own body positivity 

Through warm, sensuous cuddling liberate your senses and discover a new version of you 



~ Shy men/women  

Our cuddles aim to give you a new perspective on your beautiful self



~ Virgin men/women 

Learn the art of intimate, gentle cuddling to give confidence in taking the next step

~ Sapiophile men/women 

Our clients enjoy not only the lovely appearance of our therapists but also have an appreciation for meaningful conversations with them



~ Men with premature ejaculation 

Resetting the mind, and the body, through well crafted and paced touch 



~ Men /women with low libido 

Rejuvenate the mind, body and soul giving confidence to explore further 



~ Men with erectile dysfunction

Skin on skin cuddles to awaken the senses within


~ Anyone too nervous, serious or stressed about human closeness. 

Our cuddling is designed (be it in lingerie/underwear or nude) to bridge the gap to personal intimacy



~ Anyone who would like to improve their art of cuddling, hugging and embracing 

We show you and guide you through various positions

- People who are going through difficult times be it a divorce, bereavement and similar 

We offer genuine warm embrace, holding you tight and with a soothing presence and gentle words of encouragement. We understand there may be too much tension, stress or sadness at times in one's life and we offer a little respite from it in a safe environment and with boundaries. There is light at the end of the tunnel and reasons to love life. 

Are you Looking for something different ?



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